Our Services

Mass trade sp zoo is out to Make a customer and not a sale.
At Mass trade sp zoo it is our great hope that our customers benefit from the current booming markets. Inquiries on our product lines are always welcome, no matter your location or level of experience. As a wholesale supplier and distribution company, We value customers satisfaction as a key priority to a successful business strategy of our customers and to keep us as one of the leading supplier of FMCG’S.

Along with our trusted capabilities as a wholesale supplier, we also offer long-standing connections that can put you business on the map around the globe by providing the following services:

– Sourcing of any international FMCG Brand
– Mixed orders
– Inter modal transportation
– International Transport
– Containers loading
– Container shipments
– Labeling of each individual SKU in any language
– EUR1 Documents for Export
– Sanitary Documents for Export
– Certificates of Origin
– Certificates for Human Consumption

We focus on building a positive working relationship and creating various strategic partnerships with domestic and international suppliers, sourcing new brands for international distribution, analyzing data, qualifying new international prospects and promoting domestic and international trade shows to help customers get what they require for a successful business.

To make the best for our customers, we also Establish a personal rapport with them, having a more focused conversation about their feedback or needs so as to better understand how to cooperate by
Providing supplies base on their Inventory stock level and lead time per order giving customers the ability to place orders base on their request.